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Since breathing is an automatic function, we usually do not take account of what we are breathing, unless we pass through a thick cloud of smoke. We assume that so long as we hold our breath when walking by a large billowing factory our lungs should be just fine.

Unfortunately, the reality is that the air that humans breathe indoors, where we spend the majority of our time, is actually far from clean. All the microscopic particles from outside pollution intermix with the chemical byproducts of cleaning sprays and the mold or dander distributed by living organisms, invisibly entering our lungs. For protection against these dangerous particulates, reach out to Paul's Plumbing & Heating, Inc. We offer indoor air quality services in Santa Fe to safeguard your household from this invisible invasion.

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Common Problems Caused by Poor Indoor Air Quality

While people may realize that poor indoor air quality can increase their allergens, many residents are completely unaware just how many other kinds of illnesses and diseases are actually caused by or increased by the pollutants inside their homes. In addition to exacerbating allergies, the contaminants from cleaning products, mold spores, dander, dust, and bacteria can lead to issues including:

  • Dry and itchy skin
  • Dry eyes
  • Nosebleeds
  • Cold and flu symptoms
  • Migraines
  • Dizziness
  • Extensive coughing
  • Difficulty breathing

Along with more short-term symptoms, poor indoor air leads to extended respiratory issues, even drastically affecting the lungs and circulatory system over a long period of time. To keep you and your family safe, it is crucial to schedule an inspection of your home’s indoor air levels as soon as possible.

Types of Indoor Air Quality Products

Every home in Santa Fe is different, and the indoor air quality of each residence could vary drastically depending on where people travel throughout the day, the cleaning products they use, the plants and other organic matter growing in their yard, and the pets they have within their home.

Two neighboring houses could have completely different types and amounts of contaminants and pollutants, which in turn means that they require different systems of purifying the air inside the properties.

Just some examples of varying products and systems which can be used to improve the quality of the air inside your home include:

  • Air filters, such as HEPA filters, electrostatic filters, or activated carbon filters
  • UV lights and radiation
  • Negative ionizers and ozone generators
  • Humidifiers and dehumidifiers

No matter the kind of pollutants which are in your house, you can rely on our knowledgeable technicians to identify the most appropriate system for cleaning your air.

Taking Action Against Poor Air Quality

Houses and apartments are built to keep the warm air in during the winter, and cool air in during the summer, which is especially necessary for the types of weather conditions we see in Santa Fe. Unfortunately, the side effect is that contaminants become trapped inside our well-insulated homes, with nowhere to go but inside our lungs. Taking proactive steps to retaliate against dangerous contaminants is critical for any homeowner in Santa Fe. Trust our team at Paul's Plumbing & Heating, Inc. to help you swiftly and effectively purify your air.

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