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Tankless Boilers in Santa Fe

Installing & Repairing Tankless Boilers

Are you tired of having an endless argument over hot water with other members of your household? Typical homes in Santa Fe use boilers with large, inefficient tanks. Because these tanks have such a large volume, it takes a long time to heat the water up inside. As soon as one person has taken a shower or washed their laundry, all the water in the tank must fill up again over an extended period of time – leaving any other person in the household stranded and frustrated by the fact that they have to use freezing water to get on with normal tasks.

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An excellent solution for this problem is by getting installations of our tankless boilers in Santa Fe here at Paul's Plumbing & Heating, Inc. Powerful and efficient, these small but mighty boilers can provide as much reliably heated water as you can desire.

Numerous Benefits of Installing Tankless Boiler Systems

If you already have been using a boiler with a tank for a while, you may wonder whether it is worthwhile to get one of these newer models. It is important to know that tankless boilers are not a mere fad, and the most recent advances of boiler technology means their popularity is here to stay.

While there are abundant reasons for choosing a tankless heater over a standard model with a tank, some of the greatest benefits our clients have enjoyed with our tankless boilers include:

  • The ability to have continual hot water, without sudden freezing spells when someone else uses the water in another part of the house.
  • The enjoyment of having hot water on demand, without the need to wait on a limited supply of heated water.
  • The relief of not having to pay so much for energy bills, since tankless boilers save up to 40% when it comes to efficiently using energy.
  • Greater flexibility of space, because these smaller, convenient boilers are easy to mount or tuck anywhere.

Dedicated Tankless Boiler Repairs & Maintenance

In general, Santa Fe residents have found that their tankless boilers last a great deal longer than traditional older models with tanks – in fact, our customers have discovered that their boilers stay functional at least twice as long. Moreover, not having a tank full of water means that there is little opportunity to gather rust, which in turn makes the water much fresher and pure.

Even though tankless boilers are so durable and not prone to accumulating rust, however, even these powerful models sometimes might need a minor repair to make sure they stay functional for their total extensive life. By having regular maintenance from time to time, our experts can ensure that your boiler is properly calibrated and cleaned so that it keeps its superior efficiency over the years.

Professional Support for All Your Tankless Boiler Services

While many homeowners will benefit from a tankless boiler, determining the right model and size for your family’s unique needs can be a challenge, simply because there are so many brands and systems available. Fortunately, there is no need to be overwhelmed because our dedicated technicians at Paul's Plumbing & Heating, Inc. are extremely knowledgeable about all the different kinds of boilers available. Rely on their expertise to help inform your decision on tankless boilers in Santa Fe.

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